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For construction work

Industrial electric wires and cables

Photo of Industrial Wires ・Cables

Reliability and Actual Performance

Many wires ・cables are used to constructions ・ plant facilities and railway related facilities. We have been offering many wires ・cables in the lineup including CV (cross-linked polyethylene insulated vinyl sheath cable) for low-voltage to high-voltage, CVV (control-use vinyl insulated vinyl sheathed cable), IV (indoor polyvinyl chloride wires), these have been used to applications in wide range. We have been contributing to improvement of the equipment reliability based on the technology cultivated by the many years of actual performance in manufacturing.

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VVF cables

Photo of VVF (VA)

Appropriate Flexibility Is Maintained Through the Four Seasons

VVF (Flat-type vinyl insulated vinyl sheathed cable) is a product that has ease of use. In addition, the environment-friendly Eco-type EM600V EEF/F has been provided for the market.

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Harnesses and cables for buildings

Photo of Harness-cable for Buildings

Greatly Simplify the Construction Site

The harness-cable for buildings has a stable quality, due to factory molding of a branch line to a trunk cable. Construction is easy since no processing is necessary in the construction site.

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Harnesses and cables for tunnels

Photo of Harness-cable for Tunnels
Photo of Harness-cable for Tunnels

Traffic Safety Is Maintained

Construction is easy, as the harness-type cable with branches for tunnel lighting is branch processed at the plant in advance. NPS connector, which can be attached to a lamp in one touch, fitted type cable is also provide as one of our tunnel harness cables.

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Fire/Heat-Proof Electric Cables for Fire-fighting Use

Photo of Fireproof・Heat Resistant Wires for Fire Fighting

Contributing to Urban Disaster Prevention

In urban area, in order to minimize the building fire damage, the fireproof wires are used. The wires, which can withstand 840℃ for 30 minutes, is obliged to the emergency power supply circuit and the indicator circuit necessary at the time of fire. Our products have cleared the criteria at a high level. Also, the heat resistant wires which withstand 380℃ for 15 minutes are widely used.

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Watertight composite power supply unit

Photo of Waterproof Type Composite Power Supply Unit

Innovative Small Size Waterproof Breaker Unit

The composite power supply unit is a small size water proof breaker unit. The unit accommodates the panel board function, required to the connected lamp, in the lamp.

・Thorough measure against dew condensation.
・Compact body
・Easy connection work

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Photo of Joint Unit

Cable Distribution Devices Which Prevent Breakers from Dew Condensation

Joint unit, which integrates the breaker and wiring, is a cable wiring unit for the road lighting and the small lighting. This can be easily installed at the outside of a pole and can be used as a compact water proof type “Over current circuit breaker ・Leak current circuit breaker”. The products complied with JIC C 0920 protection class 7 (Moisture-proof type), then the dew condensation measure is thorough. The products can be connected to automatic flashing devices or stabilizers by lead wires.

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