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For electrical equipment


Photo of EM-LMFC

For Wiring within Board and Lead Wire

Not only EM-LMFC (Halogen-free, flame-retardant and flexible cross linked polyethylene insulated vinyl sheath wire), but also wires for the wiring within board・lead wires, which are made of various rubber and plastic materials, are provided to the market. For its excellent electrical properties, heat resistance and workability, EM-LMFC has been used in a wide range of applications such as the wiring within board, the motor lead wire and others. Furthermore, various heat resistant grade cables are in the product lineup.


  1. Wiring in the board・Electric equipment lead wire
    Switchboard, Motor, Generator, Welding machine, Transformer

  2. High-voltage and high-temperature wiring


  1. Does not generate Halogen gas in combustion.
  2. Does not contain RoHS restriction substances.
  3. 110°C of Heat resistance temperature. (This has already been provisional registered as the upper limit temperature of insulating material applied to electrical devices.)
  4. Excellent in varnish resistance characteristic. (* This is the evaluation result obtained by our test method.)
  5. Rich in flexibility and almost no smell.
  6. Complied with Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law and Electrical equipment technical standards.
  7. 6 colors for each size has been prepared, and easier to use.
  8. Having flame-retardant.


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