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Environment-friendliness products

Ecomaterial Type Wire and Cable "Eco-Ace"

Photo of Eco-Ace


Copper and Aluminum, which are conductor materials of wires and cables, are almost 100% recovered and reused. Though some of the coating materials are not reused and incinerated or landfill disposed. Then, we are working to improve the recycling rate of the coating material, in addition we are offering the environmental-friendly type Eco-material wires ・cables “Eco-Ace”. The cable coating is composed with halogen-free materials and harmful substances such as dioxins and halogenated gases are not generated during incineration. Furthermore, heavy metals are not used also smoke generation is small, thus this is an environment-friendly wires ・cables. Also, we have been providing the low outgas cable (c901) for clean rooms; the organic gas generated from the cable is extremely small.