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For ships

Cables for ships

Photo of Electric Cables for Ships

Respond With Proven Track Records

Upsizing, dedicated use, higher-speed and automation are progressing for the efficiency improvement of the ships. Then required quality and characteristics are getting higher. We have been responding to these requirement by bringing together the technology and development capabilities of Furukawa electric group. We have many delivery records in electric cables for ships of Classification Society in various countries, such as NK, LR, BV, ABS, DNV and others, also in electric cables for warships of Ministry of Defense standard.

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LNG terminal header/Cryogenic cables

Photo of LNG Terminal Header / Cryogenic Cable

Uncompromising Technology

LNG terminal header has many delivery records as through bushings for submerged pomp cryogenic cables to feed liquid from LNG (LPG) tank. The cryogenics cable can be used to high pressure pumps too.

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Prevention material of the spread of fire “ROKUMARINE(C)

Photo of Fire Prevention Material for Ships Class A Through Portions Rokumarine

Innovative Fire-Proof Construction Method

“Rokumarine” is the ship application product of the block method “Rokumaru”, which is the innovated fire-proof method in construction sites. In comparison with the putty method, “Rokumarine” greatly simplifies the work also is easily used to re-wiring and expansion. In addition, compared to the conventional material, the amount of the fire-proof material is reduced to approximately 2/3, so it contributes to the weight reduction of the ships.

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Cables for Offshore facilities

Photo of Cables for Offshore facilities

Cables for Marine Resources Development Offshore Constructions

The cables, used to offshore constructions for marine resources development, are always dosed to the special environment such as sea breeze and vibration differs from the ground. We strongly support the marine business by the functionality, design capacities and engineering capacities based on the technology cultivated in the electric cable for ships.

Cables for offshore facilities

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